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Mom and baby hands

Bringing healing to you at home so you can focus on family.

Mom & Baby Physical Therapy

Primary Care Physical Therapy

Holistic Family Physical Therapy and Wellness is a premier mobile physical therapy practice based in Muskego, WI that specializes in serving moms and babies.

What does it mean it be a mobile practice? It means the convenience of being seen in the comfort of your own home, no wasted time spent driving and sitting in a clinic waiting room, and no trying to find child care for your appointment. Your therapist is there to support you and your family in your pursuit of optimal health. Curious what physical therapy looks like in your home? Click here to learn more.


Holistic Family takes pride in being able to support the entire family while offering specialized care for moms and the precious life they are bringing into the world. You won't find more compassionate and holistic care anywhere else in SE WI. Come take a look at what Holistic Family has to offer you!


~ Happy moms, happy babies, happy families ~

"Sabrina has been wonderful helping my last baby with developmental motor milestones. She unexpectedly developed a head tilt, and helped us work through that at home so I didn’t have to drag all 3 of my kids somewhere. Very knowledgeable and intuitive. Then we used her again after a long stretch of illness and immobility- one session and she helped us teach our girl how to get to a sit, back to belly, crawling and pulling up all with very clear efforts. Sabrina is patient as well knowing babies get overwhelmed and need to nurse or take breaks to make it through sessions. Highly recommend!"

Stephanie N.

Mom of three

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