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What does treatment at home look like?

Holistic Family is able to adapt most treatment interventions from clinic to home. Dr. Sabrina brings equipment as needed and will show you how to use the things you already have in your home to continue with your program between therapy sessions.

Physical Therapy Session

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy includes both external and internal assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions related to childbearing. Incontinence, prolapse, pain with intercourse or other pelvic pain can be addressed. It may also be beneficial to consider the pelvic floor for issues related to the hip and back as well.


Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise involves the prescription of specific exercises targeted towards deficits that are identified on examination. These may include exercises to improve your mobility, strength, or coordination with activity.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves the hands on treatment that your therapist provides you. This can include soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, scar massage, or craniosacral techniques.


Functional movement training

Physical therapists are experts at movement analysis and correcting dysfunctions in those movements. From walking to lifting, and even looking at your balance, your PT can take any movements that you are struggling with or are causing you pain, analyze them, and help you to correct and modify your movement so you can function optimally.


Ready to get started?

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