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The exercises have helped SO MUCH. I've been doing them about 2 or 3 times a week and I definitely feel like when I do them in the morning, it helps my core work better throughout the day. The thing that has helped the  BEST though is the massage ball! Game changer!!! It's really helped with my low back, and as a little SI joint pain has started to peak in, I've been using it on my glute/piriformis area too and it has virtually taken away my SI joint discomfort! I can't thank you enough for that recommendation. This is the best I've felt in all 3 pregnancies and I'm definitely the most active in this pregnancy too. You are a MIRACLE WORKER. And I hope this good feeling stays as I get even bigger! I'm honestly sad I didn't seek PT in my other pregnancies because apparently I didn't have to suffer all that time.

Allison K.

"It's been over a year postpartum and I was still having some pelvic pain. I was also worried that my son wasn't walking yet. Dr. Sabrina came to my house and played with my son while she evaluated him. She was so good with him, he had no idea he was being evaluated. By the end of the visit he was crawling on her and babbling at her like they were old friends! She gave me some great ideas to encourage walking and strengthening his muscles. During my evaluation, she assessed every muscle group and explained how they work together to support the pelvic floor. She gave me a few exercises after she figured out what was causing my pelvic pain. She explained everything so well that I really felt like I knew what I was supposed to do by the time she left. I've been to PT before and have never felt this educated. In the middle of the appointment my son had a meltdown and had to go down for a nap. It was so nice we were at my house and I could just put my son down for a nap and come back downstairs to continue my appointment. So little stress! I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Sabrina for your whole family-- mom, dad, older kids, and babies."

Amanda C.

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