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Physical Therapy and Wellness for the entire family


Holistic Family offers physical therapy services to women who are pregnant or postpartum, no matter how long ago you had your baby.  As a woman, you bring forth the greatest miracles. You should not have to settle for aches, pains, or dysfunctional movement because the world is telling you it's "normal" during pregnancy or in the postpartum period. Pain and dysfunction are never normal, nor do you have to suffer through it. At Holistic Family, women are encouraged to take charge of their health and address their self care so they can be the best mothers they can be.


Your therapist has specialized training in pregnancy and postpartum. Why does it matter? It means that your physical therapy experience with Holistic Family is beyond what you will find in a traditional clinic and will result in better outcomes for you on your pregnancy and postpartum journey.


Holistic Family offers physical therapy services to infants and toddlers.

Parents, you have an incredible ability to sense when all is not well in your child's world. When you have concerns about your child's development, you deserve to be heard and taken seriously. Early intervention is known to result in better outcomes for children. Holistic family encourages you as parents and families to listen to your intuition about your child's development and seek evaluation and care when you feel it is necessary.

Apart from being a mom herself and successfully fostering motor development and correcting head shape issues in her own children, your therapist has worked with many babies and families over the years to do the same. Full term, preterm, extended NICU stay- doesn't matter! Bringing that expertise to you at home takes your kiddo's physical therapy care to the next level, resulting in better results for baby and family.

Not sure your kiddo needs traditional physical therapy but you also want to support their motor development and avoid common issues like torticollis and head shape issues?

Play Date with a PT just might be the answer for you! Have a play date with Holistic Family to gain new ideas on how to play with your baby to support their motor development!

Pregnant Woman Working Out


Holistic Family offers wellness services for the entire family. Pre-conception, pregnant, postpartum, parent, grandparent- everyone is welcome! Only requirement is a desire to live well and have a strong and healthy body. Let's get you the exercise and lifestyle coaching you need to keep you living well.

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