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Rehabilitation Services


60 minutes

Initial evaluation $150
Follow up $100


45 minutes

Initial evaluation $100
Follow up $75

Wellness Services


Initial 60 minute session $100
Follow up sessions:
30 minutes $50
45 minutes $75
60 minutes $100

Play Date with a PT

Individual session $50

​*Play Date sessions are anticipated to be 30 minutes in length, but we know that hungry babies and dirty diapers wait for no one! If your session runs longer than 30 minutes because baby's needs are being accommodated, there is no extra cost.

Quality and Transparency

Holistic Family Physical Therapy and Wellness is excited to offer services on a self-pay basis. Insurance is not accepted.  Holistic Family believes that the involvement of third party payors creates a number of roadblocks to quality care. Providing quality care is of the utmost importance, and the practice is not willing to compromise on quality.


There is an ease and peace of mind in knowing exactly what you are going to pay upfront, rather than waiting for weeks to get a bill only to be surprised by what you still have to pay after insurance decides what it will and will not cover. With Holistic Family, there are no financial surprises.

Without the involvement of third party payors, you receive higher quality care with transparent pricing. This is how health care should be.

Live outside the coverage area?

Holistic Family's coverage area is a 25 mile radius around Muskego, WI.

If you live outside this area, please don't hesitate to reach out. Holistic Family may still be able to accommodate you for a small mileage fee, depending on practice availability.

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