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Image by Anna Civolani

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Rehabilitative services

Holistic Family offers physical therapy services to women who are pregnant or postpartum, no matter how long ago you had your baby. A variety of conditions can be addressed from the comfort of your own home including back pain, SI joint pain, pubis symphysis dysfunction, neck and shoulder pain, abdominal pain and dysfunction post c-section, thoracic outlet syndrome, plantar fasciitis, diastasis recti, incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, and more.

As a woman, you bring forth the greatest miracles. You should not have to settle for pain and dysfunction because the world is telling you it's "normal" during pregnancy or in the postpartum period. Pain and dysfunction are never normal, nor do you have to suffer through it. At Holistic Family, women are encouraged to take charge of their health and address their self care so they can be the best mothers they can be.

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