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Infant Legs


Holistic Family offers physical therapy services to infants and young children. Conditions treated include conservative intervention for head shape deformities (plagiocephaly), torticollis, and general gross motor development. All infants are welcome, including NICU graduates who are preemies or micro preemies. 

Parents, particularly mothers, have an incredible ability to sense when all is not well in their child's world. As a mother, you know your child better than anyone else - you have been with them since day one! When you have concerns about your child's development, you deserve to be heard and taken seriously. Being told "it's normal, they'll grow out of it," does not help to calm that inner voice when you know something is not right, nor is the advice to "wait and see," always the best course of action. Early intervention is known to result in better outcomes for children. Holistic family encourages parents and families to listen to their intuition about their child's development and seek evaluation and care when they feel it is necessary.

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